A lemonbar style status bar widget for Ubersicht on OS X

An Übersicht widget meant to replace the OS X titlebar when using a tiling window manager like kwm. callahanrts/bar I’ve been experimenting with tiling window managers for OS X, speficially kwm. I set the default OS X title bar to hide unless hovered and set some extra padding at the top of the screen for my windows to make room for bar. Then I added back some basic battery, date, time, and active window widgets, as well as a widget for displaying the song that is currently playing....

January 22, 2016

Create multi-service playlists with Beatcabinet

As one of my largest projects, Beatcabinet is a web application for collecting and playing songs from youtube and soundcloud. It’s a way to organize playlists of songs from the web. callahanrts/beatcabinet Unfortunately, Soundcloud changed their undocumented API (oops! probably shouldn’t have used that) for pulling in tracks from their chart lists. I was a little burnt out at the time so I decided to wait until they released an official API....

September 19, 2015

Integrate slack messaging into the Atom editor

Text editor plugin for interacting directly with slack. Send/receive messages from various channels and team members in your Slack organization. callahanrts/slack-chat When our company moved to the Slack chat client, I thought it would be nice and save time to upload code snippets directly from my text editor. The project quickly eveolved into a full fledged Slack client accessible from within the Atom text editor.

May 11, 2014