A Plug.dj clone for shared office DJing on Friday afternoons.

When our favorite office social DJing platform got shut down for the second time, I built a clone to help preserve our office culture.


Each DJ can set up a playlist of songs they can find on either YouTube or SoundCloud to use as their DJing setlist. Once a playlist is activated, they can join the queue. After each song, turn-table will automatically grab the next song in the next DJ’s setlist and play it. Listening DJs (the one’s who are placed in the crowd in random locations) can thumbs up, thumbs down, or save the current song to their playlists to show their appreciation for the current DJ.

turn-table is built on Meteor to accommodate the real time nature of the application. Joining a room, interacting with the current song, and keeping the time in each song are all propagated to each client instance in real time so everyone is always on the same page.

Playing a song from SoundCloud Playing a song from YouTube (room options and navigation visible) Adding songs to a playlist Joining a room of DJs