A library to quickly create a massive list when things like knockout’s foreach are too slow. To see MassiveList in action, checkout my other project beatcabinet.


While working on beatcabinet, I found that Knockout’s foreach was too sluggish adding songs to the queue. I did a quick performance test between Angular’s ng-repeat, Knockout’s foreach, jQuery, and plain javascript. I found that for simply adding rows to a list, plain javascript was by far the fastest. I created MassiveList as a plain javascript implementation for manipulating a really large (thousands) list of elements.

Example Usage:

// Initializing a massive list with no data
// MassiveList(id, [, options])
var list = MassiveList("element-id");

var element = {
  id: "elementId",
  className: "list of classes",
  content: "<p>html content</p>",
  events: {
    click: function(){
    dblclick: function{
      console.log("double click");

// Inserting a row to the end of the list
list.push(element [, tag])

// Inserting a row at the beginning of the list

// Insert an array of rows into the list

// Change the value at a single location
list.set(index, element)

// Get the value at a single location
var element = list.get(index)

// Popping last row
var element = list.pop()

// Sort list elements
list.sort(function(a, b){
  // sort function

// splice(start, deleteCount[, item1[, item2[, ...]]])
// Remove existing and/or add elements