• leon

    Apr 13, 2017

    Nothing to write home about yet. An ambitious and over my head project to get more familiar with how browsers work from the inside out. The goal is to create a working web browser from the ground up while spending some time with rust.

  • sprinklers

    Mar 24, 2017

    My existing timer wouldn’t support the schedule I wanted to water my lawn with or allow for quick and painless testing during maintenance. So, I built my own sprinkler timer with a dust gathering raspberry pi to get more control and flexibility with my irrigation.

  • dbmgr

    Dec 18, 2016

    dbmgr is a command line tool for backing up and restoring databases. It’s a useful tool for:

    • Sharing databases between developers
    • Provisioning new Vagrant vms and Docker images
    • Provisioning new developers with a working database

  • plug-stats

    Oct 23, 2016

    A chrome extension written in Elm to add some statistics and sorting to tracks that are played in Admittedly, it was also an excuse for me to try out Elm.

  • beatcabinet

    Sep 19, 2015

    As one of my largest projects, Beatcabinet is a web application for collecting and playing songs from youtube and soundcloud. It’s a way to organize playlists of songs from the web.

  • slack-chat

    May 11, 2014

    Text editor plugin for interacting directly with slack. Send/receive messages from various channels and team members in your Slack organization.