A lemonbar style status bar widget for Ubersicht on OS X

An Übersicht widget meant to replace the OS X titlebar when using a tiling window manager like kwm. callahanrts/bar I’ve been experimenting with tiling window managers for OS X, speficially kwm. I set the default OS X title bar to hide unless hovered and set some extra padding at the top of the screen for my windows to make room for bar. Then I added back some basic battery, date, time, and active window widgets, as well as a widget for displaying the song that is currently playing....

January 22, 2016

Create multi-service playlists with Beatcabinet

As one of my largest projects, Beatcabinet is a web application for collecting and playing songs from youtube and soundcloud. It’s a way to organize playlists of songs from the web. callahanrts/beatcabinet Unfortunately, Soundcloud changed their undocumented API (oops! probably shouldn’t have used that) for pulling in tracks from their chart lists. I was a little burnt out at the time so I decided to wait until they released an official API....

September 19, 2015

Export Mixpanel people results to a CSV

Chrome extension for mixpanel that adds a button for exporting Mixpanel People results to a CSV. callahanrts/people-extension One of our content people at work wanted to export Mixpanel People results to a CSV but there wasn’t a way of doing that currently. Our mixpanel contact sent her a python script that would allow her to do the export. Since that was not particularly easy for her, I created a chrome extension from an open source library I found on Github to do the job....

July 1, 2015

Integrate slack messaging into the Atom editor

Text editor plugin for interacting directly with slack. Send/receive messages from various channels and team members in your Slack organization. callahanrts/slack-chat When our company moved to the Slack chat client, I thought it would be nice and save time to upload code snippets directly from my text editor. The project quickly eveolved into a full fledged Slack client accessible from within the Atom text editor.

May 11, 2014

News aggregator for Hacker News and Reddit

News aggregator written in Go that allows you to store all of your favorite news sources in a single location and easily switch between them. callahanrts/multinews It was also a great way for me to explore some new technologies and create something fun that interacted with Hacker News and Reddit. I was inspired to create my own clone after seeing a handful of Hacker News clients float through my feed....

October 2, 2013

Store and manage your gift cards on your phone with CardWallet

An iPhone application aimed at solving the problem of owning too many gift cards. With Card Wallet, you can scan all gift cards that have bar codes or you can enter the data manually. The application will then generate a bar code that can be used at the store. The end result is a wallet that is not stuffed with gift cards. callahanrts/cardwallet I created CardWallet at the suggestion of a friend who had too many gift cards in her wallet and wanted a mobile application to manage them all for her....

December 5, 2012